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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Indianapolis Scottish Rite in Taylor Swift Video

A nice surprise. Taylor Swift's new music video for her song "Change" was shot at the Indianapolis Scottish Rite Cathedral. Not exactly a huge showcase of the building—it seems confined to the South Lounge. But nice, nevertheless.

See it here.


  1. Given the funding issues that all branches of Masonry are experiencing right now, the following comes to mind:

    The Scottish Rite in many locations has some of the finest, most magnificent facilities in their communities. I wonder what would happen if both the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction and the Southern Jurisdiction cooperated to put out a book showcasing their finest facilities, to be sent to major TV, movie, and music video production houses. Every dollar counts these days.

    Somebody, please pass this idea along to our fine brethren in Lexington and DC.


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