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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

South Bend Anti-Masonic Lecture

From the South Bend Tribune (thanks to Tim Bryce for seeing this):

Catholic and pro-life speaker and writer Gerry Matatics will be giving a six-talk seminar titled “Wake Up, America: The Hidden Roots of Our Country’s Current Crisis” from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday May 18th at the Hilton Garden Inn, 53995 Indiana 933, South Bend.

The seminar is free and open to the public. People of all faiths or none are welcome.

Talk topics include: Land of the Feathered Serpent: The Struggle for the Soul of Ancient America; Revolutionary Brotherhood: Freemasonry and the Founding of the Republic; The Secret Architecture of Washington, D.C.: The Occult Configuration of Our Nation’s Capital; New Age, New Atlantis, New World Order: The Globalists’ God-like Grand Design; 4:45: dinner break; Abortion as Satanic Sacrifice: The True Toll of Our Country’s Greatest Horror; A-Mary-ca’s Apostasy and Apocalypse: Our Land’s Unpaid Debt to Our Lady.

Matatics is a Presbyterian minister who converted to Catholicism, and has since taken the path of the so-called Traditionalist Catholic. or Sedevacantist, movement. Just to get a sense of where he is coming from, he has recently given speeches that question whether Joseph Ratzinger (Benedict XVI) is a "true pope". Sedevacantists believe that there has not been a true pope since the death of Pope Pius XII in 1958, and they reject the reforms of the Second Vatican Council (Vatican II). It is a common thread through these groups that the Freemasons corrupted the papacy.

I REALLY wish I didn't have 50 things to accomplish before next Tuesday, or I'd go to this. Anybody in South Bend planning on going to add some balance to this nonsense?


  1. What cracks me up is that the Catholics think that the Masons are tools of the Devil, and the Baptists think that we're in league with the Catholics.

    Nobody seems to like us.

  2. If I had the cash today, I would fly out there just to hear what someone in the 21st century is saying along these lines. It's troubling, even just from the perspective of the cognitive capacity of people in society, that this kind of nonsense has the attention of so many people.

  3. Brother Tom please don't lump all of us Baptists together. Most Baptists don't have any problem with Freemasonry. And most Baptist groups have no official stance for or against Freemasonry.

  4. Sorry, Bro. Tim. I was thinking about the Southern Baptist Convention and their contention that Freemasonry and Baptist Christianity were incompatible. Or have they changed their minds on that?

  5. No problem Brother Tom! As to the SBC, one of their domestic mission boards is anti-Masonic but the convention voted to leave Masonic membership to the conscience of the individual. So, it varies from person to person and church to church. I'm in the American Baptist Churches, USA and we have no policy about Freemasonry and have never discussed it. It isn't an issue for us.

  6. Sounds like a fun-filled day. Wish I could attend. Kinda bummed there is no breakout session for discussion of the Krill Document or our reptilian overlords from Beta Reticuli.

    Widow's Son

  7. I suspect his "no real Popes since Pius XII" stance will go over like a Barack Obama pro-abortion rally up there in Notre Dame country.

  8. In some ways I'd like to go just to hear how nutty this guy is. But, at the same time I can only stand the smell of so much garbage at once!

  9. A-Mary-Ca's ?? That is one I had not heard. That is really funny, Seer of Bayside funny! No doubt they will be invoking St. Maximilian Kolbe too, patron saint of Anti-Masons. It is kinda amazing that things like this still go on.


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