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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Issue #4 of the Journal of The Masonic Society Coming Soon

Issue #3 still has yet to arrive for many Masonic Society members, but hot on its heels is Issue #4, Spring 2009. It is at the printer now and should begin hitting mailboxes by the end of the month.

* "The New Recruit" President's Message by Roger VanGorden
* "The Real Illuminati" by Chris Hodapp
* "Did he Do It?" the story of George Washington and the Oath of Office by Jay Hochberg
* "Philosophy and Freemasonry" by John Bridegroom
* "A Masonic Baptism Ceremony" edited by Michael Poll
* "All In A Day's Labor," poetry by Kevin Noel Olson
* Masonic Treasures: Indiana's Vincennes Lodge No. 1, and the 1904 Temple of Fraternalism in St. Louis
•"Pondering the Sublime" by Chris Hodapp

Due in mailboxes at the end of May.

Many, many thanks to all of our authors for their contributions, and especially to Jay Hochberg and Shawn Eyer for their ongoing assistance and good cheer!


  1. Greetings, I was wondering why this issue is not up on the Masonic Society website while issue 5 is. Thank you.

  2. I'm no longer the editor, but at the time, we made the decision not to make all of our issues available at no cost. We continue to sell back issues, and still have most of them available. The ones we put out for the public were the ones we sold out of.


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