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Saturday, May 02, 2009

Atlanta's Gate City #2: "The Catholic Church and Freemasonry"

On Tuesday, May 26th, Atlanta's Gate City Lodge #2 will present "The Catholic Church and Freemasonry." In a presentation approved by the Archbishop of Atlanta, Most Rev. Wilton D. Gregory, Catholic Deacon John J. McManus will speak on the historical relationship between the Catholic Church and Freemasonry. Among the topics covered in the presentation will be age old rifts, Papal Bulls and the Catholic Church's current stance on Freemasonry. Dinner 6:30PM. Presentation 7:30PM. Friends, family and the public are welcome to attend. They meet at the Atlanta Masonic Center (formerly The Atlanta Masonic Temple) 1690 Peachtree Street, Atlanta, GA 30309

The brethren of Gate City Lodge are putting on amazing programming this year. Their ongoing "Religion & Culture" series has presented programs on surviving the Holocaust, Hinduism, and classic Islamic poetry. Even a concert of Gypsy Jazz (and any lodge that promotes Django Reinhardt music zooms to the top of my list). This lodge is a true leader in making Freemasonry an important part of its community, and teaching its members. In case you think your own lodge can't come up with a way to have outstanding programming, look no further than Gate City #2's example.

The complete paper can be read HERE. Deacon McManus cites both historical and the most current Roman Catholic Canon Law on the matter of Catholicism and freemasonry, and this paper is an excellent resource for researching the issue.

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  1. Have you heard if this lecture will be available for viewing online after the event takes place. I am writing a paper on this topic for my Catholic History Class next semester and I would love to hear what he has to say.

    -Mr. Joseph Ganser
    -Seminarian of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Allentown.


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