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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Vincennes Weekend Wrapup

It was a great weekend in southwest Indiana on the banks of the Wabash, and the brethren of Vincennes Lodge No. 1 celebrated their rededication with absolute class.

Check the article from the Vincennes Sun Commercial today.

Saturday morning kicked off with a massive group photo at the county courthouse, followed by a most impressive parade to the lodge. Visitors came from Kentucky, Illinois, Texas, Alabama and Maryland for this occasion, and there were easily more than 200 in the lodge room on Saturday, with 130 at dinner Saturday night. One very unique aspect of the weekend. The Grand Master of Kentucky, Most Worshipful Brother Herman M. Forrester, reconstituted Vincennes Lodge No. 15 on Friday as a Kentucky lodge for 24 hours, until Indiana Grand Master Jeff Zaring took it back from them Saturday.

Most Worshipful Brother Gus Stevens, Past Grand Master of Indiana and a member of Vincennes No. 1, gave a brief recounting of the founding of the lodge, and the visionary men who were at its beginnings. They were heroes of the Battle of Tippecanoe, founders of Vincennes University (Indiana's oldest college), business leaders, political leaders, and men for whom surrounding counties have been named.

WBro. Brent Morris spoke at the lodge ceremony, explaining what was going on in the Masonic world at the time Vincennes Lodge was forming. He returned to address us at dinner last night on the subject of the major developmental stages of Freemasonry in the US (punctuating the evening's presentation with some rope and card slight of hand).

Vincennes Lodge No. 1 has set the bar very high in staging this event. Congratulations again to the Master and brethren of the lodge (and a special nod again to Chris and Toni Kimmel for their tireless planning and work).

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