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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Denver Consistory: Digital Masonic Library

The Denver Consistory of the Scottish Rite has placed on its website a growing library of old Masonic books in pdf form. This is an incredible resource collected in one place. Visit the site here for descriptions of each one and the download links.

The titles (as of today) are below:

- A Defense of Masonry, A. F. A. Woodford, 91 pages, 1874.

- An Exposition of the Mysteries or Religious Dogmas and Customs of Egyptians, Pythagoreans and Druids (with a inquiry into the origin and history of Freemasonry), John Fellows, 433 pages, 1835.

- Arcana Saitica, briefly discussed in three essays on the Masonic Tracing Boards, Amoy, 60 pages, 1879.

- The Symbol of Glory, George Oliver, 316 pages, 1870.

- Illustrations of Masonry, William Preston, George Oliver editor, 412 pages, 1867.

- Francis Bacon and his Secret Society, Mrs. Henry Pott, 432 pages, 1891.

- Legenda, (Kadosh and Heirodom), Albert Pike, 176 pages, no date.

- Military Lodges, Robert Gould, 290 pages, 1899.

- A Brief History of the A. & A.S.R of Freemasonry, Edwin Sherman, 148 pages, 1890.

- On the Origins of Freemasonry, Thomas Paine, 44 pages, 1810.

- Volume two of An Encyclopedia of Freemasonry, Albert Mackey, 529 pages, 1916.

- The Bibliography of the Writings of Albert Pike, William Boydon, 97 pages, 1921.

- Freemasonry in America, prior to 1750, Melvin Johnson, 247 pages, 1916.

- Freemasonry in England from 1567 to 1813, Leon Hyneman, 201 pages, 1877.

- Freemasonry in England from 1567 to 1813, Leon Hyneman, 201 pages, 1877.

- Freemasonry in the Holy Land, Robert Morris, 625 pages, 1872.

- History of the Ancient and Honorable Fraternity of Free and Accepted Masons, multiple authors, 900 plus pages, 1892.

- The Secret Teachings of All Ages, Manly Hall, 633 pages, 1929 edition.

- Mystic Masonry, J. D. Buck, 309 pages, 1897.

- The American Quarterly Review, Albert Mackey editor, 585 pages, 1858.

- The Builders, John Newton, 347 pages, 1922

- The Craftsmen and Freemason Guide, Cornelius Moore, 323 pages, 1858.

- The Four Old Lodges, Robert Gould, 101 pages, 1879.

- The Freemason's Treasury, George Oliver, 407 pages, 1863.

- The Freemason's Library and General Ahiman Rezon, Samuel Cole, 467 pages, 1817.

- The Freemason's Monthly Magazine, Charles Moore, editor, volume 21, 796 pages, 1862.

- The Historical Landmarks, George Oliver, volume one, 465 pages, 1867.

- A Star in the West, George Oliver, 205 pages, 1825.

- Lectures on the Philosophy of Freemasonry, Roscoe Pound, 113 pages, 1915.

- The Mystic Tie, Albert Mackey, 271 pages, 1867.

- The Life Story of Albert Pike, Fred Allsopp, 1920, 159 pages.

- The Book of Words, Albert Pike, 177 pages, unclear date.

- Cagliostro's Egyptian Rite, 51 pages, handwritten notes, unknown date.

- J.S.M. Ward's three books: The Entered Apprentice's Handbook, The Fellow Craft Handbook and The Master Mason's Handbook, 29, 23 & 32 pages, unknown date.

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