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Sunday, March 01, 2009

'100 Man Meeting' in St. Louis 5/28/09

The brethren of St. Louis' Crestwood Anchor Lodge No. 443 have hatched an audacious plan. If you are in their neck of the woods on May 28th, 2009, consider attending their 100 Man Meeting. According to their website:

Back in the "old days" of Masonry, a full lodge was a common sight as Masonry was THE social event on any given evening.
But few, if any, hands will be raised today when gentlemen of a lodge are asked "Who has ever sat in a regular communication with 100 men in attendance?"

Our objective is simply to get 100 men together in a regular communication. This simple but unique act does so much to show us what Freemasonry looked like in the past and where it could go in the future.

More importantly, how can the young men of the lodge know what the future will be if we have not experienced and understood the past?

Spread the word; tell your brothers far and wide. Close your eyes. Imagine such a meeting. Make it happen.

Contact the lodge here for more information.


  1. We regularly get over 100 in attendance for a regular communication, but the attraction is not the novelty of having 100 men in the room. They come out, because we offer them a fair exchange of substance for their time. It is all about valuing the time of one another. After awhile, the lodge picks up a momentum. If you offer what they are looking for (discussion on Masonry, special speakers, interesting guests, insight, esoterica, solemn approach to Masonry, quality dining, stimulating information, calming & welcoming atmosphere) then they will come out in droves.

  2. They will, indeed.

    Wonderful programs like you offer at Alpha Lodge on a regular basis draw men from several cities along the east coast. But I applaud the brethren in St. Louis for what I hope is a first step in a broader plan for the future.

  3. It's already on my calendar to attend, but I was thinking, I sure don't want to be the Junior Warden that night....

    (P.S. I *am* Junior Warden at my lodge and we regularly get about 30 members at each meeting)

  4. Brother Chris, I hear you. I certainly do not knock the brothers for their innovation. Hopefully it will continue to grow into something inspirational. Brother John's comment is funny but true. That is quite a bit of work for JW when the lodge goes on refreshment. Speaking from experience though, the adrenaline will carry you through the night.


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