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Thursday, October 16, 2008

October 16, 1646: Elias Ashmole

On this date in 1646, English antiquarian Elias Ashmole recorded the following in his personal diary:

1646, Oct. 16, 4.30 P.M. - I was made a Free Mason at Warrington in Lancashire with Coll: Henry Mainwaring of Karincham in Cheshire; the names of those that were then of the Lodge, Mr Rich. Penket Worden, Mr James Collier, Mr Rich. Sankey, Henry Littler, John Ellam, Rich. Ellam & Hugh Brewer.

Ashmole's is the first known, recorded initiation of a non-operative, speculative Freemason (although there is evidence that Robert Moray may actually have held that distinction, in 1641). Both men went on to become members of The Royal Society.

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