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Thursday, October 30, 2008

iPhone: No Se Habla Español

So somebody at Apple or the NEW! AT&T tripped over a piece of equipment deep in the subterranean depths of the Home Office at 7:30 this morning and now all of the iPhones in America have voice mail that answers in Spanish.

And when I called the NEW! AT&T, their phone number recognition system wasn't working today, either.

Sounds remarkably like the OLD AT&T. The story is that "technicians" are "working" on it.

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  1. Brother Chris,

    This happens every now and then for a host of reasons. Probably the result of maintenance overnight. What it comes down to is the maintenance of the Lucent Anypath Voicemail platform. It's fairly easy to correct though. The hard part is getting someone in the Customer Care to understand that it is not "Apple's issue" and that power-cycling your I-phone is not going fix the problem. Then maybe they will pass you to someone in Tech Support who will know what they are doing and know who to reach out to or who to send the ticket to. In such a large company, it can become quite difficult to assess that there is a critical outage when the frontline folks are measured by how many calls they take, and are busy "screening" your problem. It's not hard to log into the Anypath and globally set the parameter from 2 to 1 and restore English prompts. Hopefully everyone will not have their mailboxes (some no doubt full of unheard messages) blown away in the meantime.


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