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Monday, September 01, 2008

Britain's 100 Year Old Bartender Serves Masons

I'd just like to point out to my brethren in Indiana and elsewhere that still prohibit the use of alcohol in Masonic buildings that the oldest bartender in Britain, Jim Christou, who just turned 100 years old, has worked for the last 20 years as the barkeep of Westwood Masonic Centre in Welling, Kent.

According to the Telegraph,

The grandfather-of-two, nicknamed as 'Chris' by his customers has even had a new bar there named in his honour.

"I'll keep going for as long as I can. I love chatting and serving the customers, the club is a second home to me," the Telegraph quoted him as saying.

"There's no secret to how I'm still working. I just do normal things, eat normal food and do the shopping," he added.

Christou, who's not touched a drink or smoked in nearly 30 years, despite working in a bar, said that working helps him keep fit.

"It certainly helps you keep active, and that's just what I need at my age," he said.

Club secretary Ken Richardson said: "It's absolutely incredibly that he still insists on doing work behind the bar.

"He loves serving members when they come in. We had a beer festival recently and he insisted on helping out at the door as well.

"Everyone who comes in loves him. He's a star behind the car," he added.


  1. I come from not too far away from Welling, although I've taken a tour across the South of England (first Oxford and now Bristol). My family still live in that direction, and I go back from time to time. Once I have the ability to go visit lodges, I intend to go visit the guys in Welling.... for now though, I still await my initiation.


  2. I was ascended into Royal Ark Mariners last night, and then after our Mark Masons lodge we had dinner upstairs in Mark Masons Hall across from St. James Palace. Despite the lovely surroundings, the wine was corked. Despite the efforts of the wine stewards, the replacement was barely drinkable.

    The pint of cider in the bar made up for it, barely.

    Alcohol, when enjoyed in moderation, can enhance the comeraderie at the Festive Board.

  3. Couldn't agree more Chris

    But as Secretary to the Bar Committee in my local Temple I have to say that don't I?


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