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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Job's Daughters of Indiana

God love the Masonic youth groups.

I was asked to speak to the Job's Daughters this evening in Franklin, Indiana. The girls had a progressive dinner, starting at Englewood Lodge, moving to Hamilton Lodge in Fishers, then to Oriental and Speedway lodges for their various courses. By the time they got to Franklin, there were more than 75 people there, mostly the Job's girls. Dessert was served, and the girls sacked in for a movie and a lodge slumber party. National Treasure was on the bill, a picture that almost all of them had seen before, and all of them loved enough to watch over and over. Sir Knight George Ingles, Grand Inspector General for the Grand Commandery of Indiana spoke to the girls about the history of the Knights Templar, and I gave them a high-speed crash course in Masonic symbolism as it is used and abused in the movie. The young ladies were most kind to a certain Dummy - it's been a very long time since anyone referred to me as "awesome" - and I can't thank everyone enough for inviting me.

You rawk.

Shout out to Becca, Jacie, Tara, the "Candy Corn Girls" and all the Job's Daughters who came out tonight. And to Gina Hodges, Grand Bethel Honored Queen, and her husband, Bro. Travis Hodges of Broad Ripple Lodge. Thanks for asking me. I had a fantastic time.

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