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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Masonic Light Group Shuts Down

I was sorry to see that the Masonic Light Yahoo Group has been abruptly shut down. That is a shame, as it was one of the few shining areas where Masons from every obedience could chat freely, and often explored esoteric ares of discussion. The management of a list or forum can be a monstrous headache for its moderators, and Brother Josh Heller deserves major kudos for the fine work he has done over the years. Josh is the co-author of The Temple That Never Sleeps, a work specifically about the use of the internet as a way for Masons to communicate and share ideas.

I'm sure all of us hope that this is a temporary situation, and that Josh is simply taking a rest.


  1. Any updates on the cause of Masonic Light going dark?

    Widow's Son

  2. A recent escalation of tumult by a couple of noisy posters was driving away the regulars who enjoyed their quiet corner of the net. A case of too much heat and not enough light.

    There are a few zealots who want to drag every Masonic forum into the Prince Hall/Regularity/Racism/Your Old Grand Lodge Sux mud bog. Like an insistant evangelist who won't take his foot out of your door, eventually they get on your nerves, no matter how important or compelling their message is, until you just shove them down the stairs and slam the door.

    There are Masons out there who truly enjoy discussing the esoteric aspects of the fraternity, but they are getting drowned out by the ceaseless rants of a few who take every opportunity to barge in to the conversation, eat all of the snacks, drink everybody else's booze, hurl in the kitchen sink, and scratch everybody's cars on their way out of the driveway. So, it appears that Jay has called a time out.

    He has a laissez faire attitude about forum moderation that works, as long as everyone can remain civil. Sadly, not everyone can. So, sometimes Dad has to pull the car over and separate the brats.

    I of course do not speak for Brother Jay, but this is the consensus.

  3. You do have a way with words, Bro. Chris. I enjoyed the "barge in, eat all the snacks" analogy.

    Those party-crashers, boorish though they may be, in just a few short weeks have managed to get the Masonic racial issues onto the front pages and television screens across the nation. The issue is something that needed to be discussed openly, not kept in the closet, though I'd agree, the southern flavor of Freemasonry is sort of a red-headed stepchild to the rest of the world's version of Masonry.

    I haven't been a participant at the Masonic Light forum in a couple of years, but I remember it as often seeming like a "free for all" slug fest, minus the slugging. It's a shame that differences of opinion among the brethren couldn't be tolerated there. I've noticed a distinct lack of tolerance among the brethren everywhere in recent years; I hope we can one day get past the differences that divide us and get back to the feelings and practice of true brotherhood.

    Widow's Son


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