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HERITAGE ENDURES: Perspectives On 200 years Of Indiana Freemasonry

Perspectives On 200 Years Of Indiana Freemasonry
by Christopher L. Hodapp

Freemasonry crossed the frontier into the Indiana Territory officially in 1809 when the Grand Lodge of Kentucky organized Vincennes Lodge No. 15 in that growing town along the banks of the Wabash River. It would take nine more years and the declaration of Indiana statehood before the formation of the Grand Lodge of Indiana F&AM on January 13, 1818 in Madison. Since that time, Indiana's Freemasons have been at the center of their communities, their state, and the nation.

Heritage Endures by Christopher Hodapp (Freemasons For Dummies) is a different type of grand lodge history book.  It frames the Hoosier state's fraternity within America's history and the outside Masonic world for the last two centuries. Heritage Endures explores some of the most fascinating, heroic, touching, turbulent, and a few of the most unsettling moments of Indiana's and America's Masonic history.
• Discover the chaos on the frontier that led Virginia and Kentucky to send Freemasonry westward to civilize a rough and rebellious population on the frontier
• The little known history of the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Indiana
• Indiana's Masonic heritage trail
• Dwight Smith and the tour de force celebration of Indiana's 150th anniversary of Freemasonry as the pivotal world of 1968 erupted around them
• The struggles between Indiana's Freemasons and the Ku Klux Klan of the 1920s, led by the most powerful Klansman of his day
• The whys, wherefores, and results of shifting membership on American Freemasonry
• How computers and 'E-Masonry' changed almost everything in the fraternity
This book was commissioned by the Grand Lodge of Indiana F&AM for its 200th anniversary. But Heritage Endures goes far beyond the borders of Indiana and tells a broader tale of Freemasonry as a fraternal and social force that has evolved and adapted to suit the times in which it has resided. It is a unique series of perspectives of the Masonic fraternity in America as a whole, using the Hoosier state's Masons and their lodges as an example of the nation's wider fraternal landscape.

"I don't know if the Grand Lodge of Indiana is special, but this history is—it's well written and fascinating to read..." — S. Brent Morris, Scottish Rite Journal

"Hodapp's engaging style transcends the page." — The Square Magazine

"Christopher Hodapp is one of the leading Masonic authors and voices of the present time." – Alton Roundtree, The Phylaxis Magazine

Publisher: Grand Lodge of Indiana, F&AM (January 13, 2018)
Hardback: 512 pages
Price: $35.00 (add $5.00 for U.S. shipping)
ISBN-13: 978-1-5136-2902-5
Shipping dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5 inches
Shipping weight: 1.8 lbs

Books may be purchased in person
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  1. Christopher CirrincioneThu Oct 04, 08:12:00 PM 2018

    I have been interested in the history of freemasonry in Indiana for quite some time. I look forward to reading this book! I am not a member, but I have always been curious about the Scottish Rite Cathedral in downtown Indianapolis. Thanks for making this book available!

  2. would love to read this book! I am in process now. becoming a member.


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