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Sunday, December 18, 2022

UPDATED 1/6/2023: Illus. Dr. Rex R. Hutchens Passes Away; Celebration of Life Announced

by Christopher Hodapp

Freemasonry has lost another of our legendary giants. Word has come today that Illus. Rex R. Hutchens, 33°, Past Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Arizona in 2006, and author of A Bridge To Light, has passed away. 

I first met Rex in person back in 2010 at the Rocky Mountain Masonic Conference in Albuquerque when Art DeHoyos, Rex and I were the speakers for the program – you can see from this group photo of the three of us that I was at least allowed to be in the same room with this powerhouse pair of brain boxes. 

Rex's reputation for speaking exactly what was on his mind was well-deserved: after my presentation, he observed, "Well, I guess you really aren't a dumbass, after all."

Praise indeed from Rex. 

I have no obituary or details of funeral arrangements yet, but I will attempt to update this post as I receive them – I'm guessing Monday at the soonest when businesses reopen. We are currently sitting in Shamrock, Texas with spotty Internet access as we head for our annual Christmas gathering in Southern California, but I will post details as soon as possible.

His column is broken and his brethren mourn.

Requiescat in pace.


I've still not come across any death announcement, obituary or funeral arrangements for Rex Hutchens. However, MW James Baker, Grand Master for the Grand Lodge of Arizona posted the following message back on December 19th announcing Rex's death:

To: Grand Lodge of F. & A.M. of Arizona
RE: WM Rex Hutchens enters Celestial Lodge
It is my sad duty to announce officially the death of M.W. Rex R. Hutchens, the 2006 Grand Master of the Grand Lodge
F. & A.M. of Arizona, on December 17, 2022. We are blessed to Jive in a jurisdiction, a Nation, and a world, that have been shaped by, and the vision of M.W. Rex Hutchens.
In 1982, Rex was Initiated, Passed, and Raised in Epes Randolph Lodge No. 32 and went on to serve that lodge in l 989 as its Master. He joined Adobe Lodge No. 41 in 1988, serving that Lodge as Master in I989, 2008, and 2011.
M.W. Hutchens has served the Craft in more ways than could ever be limited to a list. He served as Grand Representative to the Grand Lodge of Cuba, Grand Orator in 1992, Grand Chaplain in 1993, and was in numerous committees over the years. He was appointed to the Grand Line in 1999 by M.W. Donald Monson and served as Grand Master F. & A.M. of Arizona in 2006.
He was Deputy for Arizona of the Supreme Council of the Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite, Southern Jurisdiction, USA, Past Grand High Priest of Royal Arch Masons of Arizona (1997), Past Grand Master of Royal & Select Masters of Arizona (2004), and Past Grand Commander of Knights Templar of Arizona (2007). He was in the Knights of the York Cross of Honor and recipient of the Knight of the York Grand Cross of Honor (Four Quadrants), a Knight Companion of the Red Cross of Constantine, a Board Member for the Scottish Rite Research Society, a Fellow of the Philalethes Society, a Founding Fellow of the Masonic Society, a Friar of the Society of Blue Friars, and recipient of the Knight Grand Cross in the Grand College of Rites.
M.W. Hutchens was a philosopher, a researcher and writer, authoring many papers and books including A Bridge To Light, A Study in Masonic Ritual & Philosophy. He was known to say that the greatest gift that one man could bestow upon another was knowledge.
As a mark of respect for M.W. Hutchens and his life of service to our Craft, I hereby order. by the authority vested in me as Grand Master of F. &A.M. of Arizona by the Constitution of the Grand Lodge that each Lodge in our Jurisdiction observes a moment of silence m his memory at their January Stated meeting.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF. I have hereunto set my band this seventeenth day of December, in the year of our Lord two thousand twenty-two, and Anno Lucis 6022.
Fraternally and sincerely,
Jim Baker
Grand Master, 2022-2023
Grand Lodge of Arizona, F&AM



The Grand Master of Arizona has officially announced that a Celebration of Life for Rex Hutchens will be held January 22nd, 2023 in the Red Room of the Tucson Scottish Rite Cathedral, 160 S. Scott Avenue, Tucson, Arizona, beginning at 1:00PM.



  1. His work and personage will be missed by all who knew him. Well done, thou good and faithful servant.

  2. By Philip Wright , PM, Adobe lodge #41 12-19-2022
    I spoke to his wife , Cheryl, yesterday and learned of his passing.
    I met Rex in New York in 1966 as we happened to live in the same building. We had an almost instant friendship and spent many happy hours there, discussing every imaginable subject and playing chess.
    Rex was a complicated man to say the least, & that made him a stimulating person in conversation. Just a month or two ago, while spoke by phone, he said "Do you realize that we've been talking for 3 hours?" That time was quite typical when we spoke.
    I will miss him terribly and it will take me a long time to fully accept that he is gone.
    Rest in Peace Brother Rex.

  3. I appreciated a Bridge to Light during my Master Craftsmen studies. RIP

  4. Rex combined service and scholarship, along with enthusiasm and energy. A credit to the fraternity.

  5. Such a giant in the Craft indeed, Scottish Rite members the world over have Ill. Rex to thank for being able to understand the Degrees with Bridge to Light instead of having to decipher Morals & Dogma, not to mention being able to better understand the SR Degree Ritual Work with his revisions. May the GAOTU receive Ill. Rex into that spiritual temple, that house not made with hands /G\

  6. Rex was one of my favorite Masons. Brilliant, insightful, wise, playful cheap as hell (I've never known him to pick up a check, but that might be a form of wisdom I have not mastered). He and I had so many wonderful conversations. Did you know he was a student of Margaret Mead? (whom he casually referred to as "Maggie." What a flex!). HE had the entire KJV Bible committed to memory and he had a brilliant command of Hebrew and Aramaic. And still he was content to let you think he was an old coot sitting in the corner.

    Rex was the one that inspired me to start my podcast, (Masonry's first) and encouraged me in the early days. He cautioned me about the pitfalls of Masonry, and while he didn't have to give me the time of day, he gave me hours of his time, his insight and his humor.

    I will miss him terribly.


    1. May I ask what pitfalls? I hope to be an EA in the coming months, and I'm terribly afraid of potential burnout because I just love the fraternity, and will more than likely become what a member of the lodge calls a Masonaholic lol!

  7. There will be a memorial service for MWB Rex Hutchens on 1/22/2023. The GL of AZ will open at 11:30 AM. Funeral to follow at 1:00 PM. Please dress in business attire, black suit preferred.
    Tucson Scottish Rite Cathedral
    160 S Scott Ave,
    Tucson, AZ 85701

    Best Regards
    Michael John Grzegorski
    Adobe XLI
    Tucson, AZ


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