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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

New England April Road Trip

We packed up the Hodapp three ring circus into the Airstream this week and we're traveling around New England through the end of April. 

St. John's Lodge 1, Providence, RI

Tonight - April 17 - I'll be speaking at Rhode Island's St. John's Lodge 1 at the Scottish Rite Masonic Center in Providence. The event is RW Robert Palazzo DDGM's last visitation to the Masonic Districts. Lodge opens at 5:30PM; Dinner at 6:00; Lodge reopens at 7:00; and I start yakking at 7:45.
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Arundel Lodge 76, Kennebunkport, ME

Next, I'll be speaking at the Masters and Warden's meeting at Arundel Lodge 76 in Kennebunkport, Maine on April 25th. Not sure of the time as of now, but I'm guessing that 6:30-ish is probably a safe bet.

Arundel Lodge is located at 10 North Street in Kennebunkport.

Masonic Con 2019, Attleboro, MA

Finally, after hearing about it for many years, I will be attending the 2019 MasonicCon at Ezekiel Bates Lodge in Attleboro, Massachusetts on Saturday, April 27th. I won't be speaking, but I'll be there with a vendor's table and a stack of books if anyone is so inclined. 

This annual blowout gets bigger every year. The event is open 9:00AM - 4:00PM, and tickets are available at the door.

The lodge is located at 55 Park Street in Attleboro.
For the complete lineup of speakers and other information, visit the Masonic Con 2019 website HERE.

Meanwhile, we're camped out at the KOA in Middleborough, Massachusetts. While driving through town today, I stopped in at May Flower Lodge AF&AM and toured their magnificent building. The lodge moved into the historic 1800 Horatio Barrows home back in 1977, and they have preserved much of the house's original furnishings and feel. 

Even in 1977, Freemasons were still doing crazy things like bequeathing their houses or property to their Masonic lodges because the brethren and the lodge meant so much to them when they were alive. You don't hear much about that these days, I'm afraid. Maybe we need to start asking...

Many thanks to WB Bill Allison, the lodge's Secretary, for the tour.

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  1. The fine architecture and handsome buildings in this article bearsout the previous discussions of the value of masonic temples to degree work and public perception. Our generation will go down as vandals when a review is done of all the legacy of buildings and relics we have trashed. We won't be forgiven our descent from being a society of culture and the arts to being a local pool hall, and it is unforgiveable, along with of course our racism and gender bigotry in some jurisdictions. What a rout, and no end in sight. It really is time for grand lodges to wake up.


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