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Sunday, July 02, 2017

Somewhere, Somebody's Laughing

The annual communication of the Grand Lodge of Louisiana was held this past week, and nothing especially unusual happened. Just the quiet, annual changing of the guard. But buried deep in the copy of the Advance Proceedings in the report on foreign correspondence was a small paragraph noting that a small, new Arkansas grand lodge was requesting recognition from Louisiana.

The Regular Wheaton Grand Lodge of Arkansas.

I am NOT making this up. I'll post an image when I can get one.

I'm assured that neither Louisiana's Grand Secretary and the Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Recognition are the type who engage in pranks. It did actually make it into print.

The request was not brought to the floor for a vote...

UPDATE: 7/4/2017

Click to enlarge.


  1. Perhaps we haven't given enough attention in Masonry to the comparison with colleges. Most of what is studied is also available in books, now online, and in non formal ways. People go to college because it offers advantages over self-study. If they don't feel they have options, they create them -- book clubs are an example. Or they opt for a community college over a four year school. And more recently, they enroll in online colleges, many of which are accredited. It might be better if we were less fixated on grand lodges and more relaxed about what we like about Masonry. The grand lodge system today is in serious trouble and causing a lot of animosity and disturbance, and when the grand masters meet they avoid facing the problems.

    1. Alright, somebody needs to bring this guy up on charges. He's taken empirical data and formed reasonable suggestion about how to improve the current Masonic situation. He didn't even say, "That's how it's always been' once. Unmasonic Conduct in the highest. Throw him out.
      Ethan Coker

    2. I disagree. Every lodge should be under the jurisdiction of a Grand Lodge. Like any organization, Freemasonry needs leadership. There must be some uniformity in how lodges operate. Not absolute uniformity, but some. Grand Lodges provide leadership and direction and ensure that uniformity.

      The problem is that the Grand Lodge of Arkansas has been practicing tyranny for at least a decade now. Masons don't abide tyranny. It's a situation like the American Revolution. When the colonists were subjected to tyranny by their government, they didn't decide to do away with all government. They broke away from theirs and created a new government. That's what's happening in Arkansas, and I think it's fantastic. I'm amazed they have the courage to do this, and I wish them the best.


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