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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Scottish Rite Research Society Announces Writing Contest

My apologies to all for being a bit late in spotting this, as our entire household was unavoidably detained earlier this month. The Scottish Rite Research Society is celebrating its 25th year and has announced a very special and noteworthy competition for Masonic scholars. They are holding a contest to reward the best articles to be published in their special 25th anniversary volume of Heredom, their annual collection of papers. 

Prizes, you ask? They are offering cold hard cash for your original work. Yes, really.

1st place: $1000
2nd place: $500 
3rd place: $250

The rules are brief and simple:

(1) Articles must written by members of the Scottish Rite Research Society.(2) Articles must written by a single author. No co-authored articles are eligible.(3) Articles must be original to Heredom. No reprints are eligible.(4) Authors release publishing rights of their articles to the SRRS.

If have a manuscript that you would like considered, contact editor S. Brent Morris at bmorris@scottishrite.org

UPDATE: The deadline is September 1st.

Membership in the SRRS is $55, and you need not be a Scottish Rite Mason (or a Mason at all) to join. SEE HERE for information.

H/T Arturo de Hoyos/Facebook

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