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Saturday, February 18, 2017

GM of Florida Again Rescinds Recognition With Cuba

Well. THAT didn't last very long at all. What Grand Lodges giveth, Grand Masters can taketh awayeth.

As reported here, the Grand Lodge of Florida F&AM recognized the Gran Logia de Cuba on December 10, 2016, and their lodges enjoyed mutual visitation for the first time in 56 years. 

Now it seems that Florida's Grand Master, MW Stanley Hudson, has again withdrawn recognition on February 16th from the GL de Cuba for their failure to "renounce the clandestine lodges operating" in Florida's jurisdiction.

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UPDATE 2/18/2017 11AM: 
I am informed that this controversy stems from lodges operated within Florida made up of exiled Cuban Masons who are not affiliated with the Grand Lodge of Florida F&AM. They obviously see this as an invasion of their territory by Cuba, and this discussion apparently has gone on for a while. Here is a link to a letter regarding the matter from 2014.

It seems that the GL of Florida largely looked the other way at the operation of the exile lodges with an understanding that they would cease once relations between the island nation and the US were normalized and the two Grand Lodges reconciled. That apparently did not happen, at least as quickly as the GL of Florida wanted it to. Hence, the new divorce.

H/T Colin Peterson


  1. Our GM gave them every opportunity to regain full amity. It was made clear that they had certain conditions that needed to be met. We will try again......

    1. How gracious of him to grant them an opportunity to meet his demands. How Masonic. I really can't imagine why they wouldn't do his bidding.

  2. What lodge(s) do they recognize in their jurisdiction?

  3. Am I understanding correctly that the GL of FL withdrew recognition because there are lodges of exiled Cuban Masons within Florida who may or may not be affiliated with the GL of Cuba?

  4. GL of Fl going through all this trouble to recognize GL de Cuba, but refuse to recognize their PHA counterparts. I respect my "mainstream" counterparts, but it seems like it's excuses with them (not all) and recognizing other Grand Lodges. When it comes to PHA, it's like the effort is not put forward the way they try and recognize these other lodges.

  5. I'm a WM of a lodge and I see Masons are Masons. I would recognize them if I had the power.

  6. Sad to see Florida take such a stance. Isn't there an Grand Lodge in Exile in California that is recognized? I dont think Florida should have gave them those conditions. Those exiled Brothers came from Cuba and they should never have deemed them Clandestine to begin with. I dont know if there are any Spanish speaking Lodges in Florida, but if not then they should have had no problem. I believe the Cubans in Florida, especially the ones who dont speak English, need a place to meet as Masons. I wonder if it would've been different if Cuba would've simply chartered Lodges in Florida for their exiled members without forming a Grand Lodge.

    1. You may be thinking of the Grand Lodge of Iran. Their business office address is in Los Angeles, but they actually meet in Boston in the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts building.

      I agree with you that the Grand Lodge of Florida seems unreasonable in its actions here.

    2. There are at least 2 lodges in south florida that labor in spanish,luz de america 255 and clyde mclaren 395

  7. Thank you for updating us with that letter from the Grand Lodge of Cuba. It's not easy to understand, I'm not sure if I interpreted it correctly. It appears as though what the Grand Lodge of Cuba is saying is essentially, "GL of FL demands we do something about certain lodges it claims are operating within its territory, but we never chartered any such lodges, we have nothing to do with them, and so it's not up to us to do anything about them."

    Did I get the gist of it? Someone please correct me if I'm wrong. And if I'm right, I have to say I agree with that position. A Grand Lodge should only have to answer for the lodges it charters. A clandestine lodge operating without a charter in someone else's jurisdiction is none of its concern, it's Florida's problem regardless of the nationality of the Masons involved.


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