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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

GL of Kentucky Approves Joint Visitation With Prince Hall Lodges

The Grand Lodge of Kentucky F&AM recognized the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Kentucky F&AM in October 2011, however no visitation privileges were granted at that time. The Prince Hall Grand Lodge had asked for recognition without visitation. They were simply recognized as a sovereign jurisdiction only. 

I just received word that the GL of Kentucky has at last approved joint visitation with their Prince Hall counterparts today at their annual communication.

This still leaves Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, Tennessee and West Virginia as the last nine remaining mainstream grand lodges that do not recognize their Prince Hall counterparts.


Brother John Bizzack has passed along the additional news that the Grand Lodge of Kentucky also approved legislation that will grant lodges the option of opening Stated Meetings and conducting their business on the Entered Apprentice degree. Actually it must lay over until a final vote next year, but this is a major advancement. 

It's taken a couple of years to accomplish this, and it's a welcome change that more and more jurisdictions are adopting. This is the longstanding manner in which the overwhelming majority of lodges around the world conduct their business, and the practice of restricting business meetings to Master Masons only was an unfortunate product of the 1843 Baltimore Convention that introduced many innovations to American lodges.  Glad to see it laid to rest in Kentucky.


  1. I hear it said it is not about race. It certainly is not about brotherly love because that would have had it done along time ago. "Pride is the greatest weakness of some men."

  2. Congratulations to all of my Kentucky Brothers. I applaud your efforts in making this a reality for your Jurisdictions. I hope that you can experience the joys of Brotherly Love and Respect that we are so blessed to have in the Jurisdiction of Kansas. Our Fraternity is so much better when all Brethren can dwell together in unity. May the Grand Architect of the Universe bless all of you and may your laudable undertaking prosper under His guidance.

  3. It was a grand and historic day in Freemasonry in the state of Kentucky! The reports I received was that the vote was overwhelmingly in favor of passing this tremendous step forward in the form of this resolution.

    I think that two Past Grand Masters need to be recognized for, in my opinion, laying the groundwork that made this great day possible, and they are the Most Worshipful Past Grand Master, Herman Forester, from the Grand Lodge of Kentucky F&AM and the late Most Worshipful Past Grand Master, Hugh Harlan, from the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Kentucky F&M PHA.

    While our dearly departed Brother Hugh lived only long enough to see that the resolution in 2011 was passed and that the two respective jurisdictions recognize each other, he unfortunately did not get to see this great day come to fruition. Brother's Hugh and Herman worked tirelessly to ensure that Freemasonry in Kentucky will continue to progress and not fall backward or stall in place.

    If there ever was a time in the history of, not only our country, but the world, where evil exists everywhere, we need to put aside the petty differences that have for years divided us and realize that we truly are a Brotherhood regardless of who we are, what we look like and what differences we may have with each other and live up to our obligations and make this a better world For All Mankind more especially our brother Mason wherever they may be dispersed, whether they are across the street or across the ocean. We Are One Family of Brothers!

    Darrell G. Waddell
    Daylight Lodge #760 F&AM
    Louisville, Kentucky

  4. Now that is the mark of a true mason,to acknowledge that we are brothers reguardless of our differences, or our creed or our color. My hats off to Kentucky for recognizing that fact.

  5. As I'm not a USA resident and not familiar with the history of the separation and details, my view may be wrong but for me the fact that PH lodges were not recognised is a shame to the craft and its foundations. Happy to read the news and hope that more grand lodges will follow
    Yaron J Ze'elim

  6. It was an honor to have been present as setting Master of my Lodge (Paintsville Lodge No. 381) at this communication. Hopefully, both wrongs can be fixed, the visitation with our Prince Hall Brethren this year and the banishment of the lesser degrees from our business meetings next year.


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