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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Masonic Podcast: Freemasonry In The Bakken

Be sure to check out the podcast from North Dakota, Freemasonry In The Bakken on the web or on iTunes (subscribe on itunes at www.BakkenMasons.com/itunes). It is hosted by Master Masons and they discuss many things concerning the fraternity, both about Masons living in North Dakota, and Freemasonry in general. They also feature interviews with influential Masons on various topics. I was interviewed on a recent broadcast, and they do a terrific job. These guys have jumped into this with both feet and are really rejuvenating their lodge and North Dakota Masonry. Hosted by Dr. Bob Baer, Nolan Overton, and Tyler Hall, they currently have 22 episodes on topics that will interest more than just North Dakota Masons. Check them out!

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