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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Jim Dillman at Quinta Essentia Lodge in New Haven, CT

WBro. James Dillman from Indianapolis is speaking Saturday evening, May 16th at Quinta Essentia Lodge 500 in New Haven, Connecticut. They are holding a formal Festive Board and it should be a wonderful and informative evening. Anyone interested should contact the lodge Secretary for further information.

Jim is the President of the Masonic Society and a well regarded Indiana Mason. He is the director of ceremonies for Levant Preceptory, the period dress Knight Templar group based out of Raper Commaandery in Indianapolis. He is the Past President for eight years of the Indianapolis Masonic Temple Board. He is the recipient of the rare Order of Service to Masonry by the Grand Lodge of Indiana, which is not always given. It is not a simple back pat from the Grand Lodge, but an award given for rare dedication to the fraternity. This was in 2008. So it should be an outstanding evening.

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