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Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Has the Voynich Manuscript Been Deciphered?

A U.S. botanist studied the plants illustrated in the Voynich manuscript, pictured. He claims at least 37 of these 303 plants would have grown in Central America during the 15th and 16th century and believes the text is, therefore, written in the Aztec language of Nahuatl
For decades, researchers have been trying in vain to decipher ancient texts written on the Voynich manuscript - yet they may have been looking for inspiration in the wrong place.

A U.S. botanist studied illustrations of the plants throughout the 15th century book and pinpointed a number of them to the Central American region now known as Mexico.

Dr. Arthur Tucker claims at least 37 of the 303 plants would have grown in the region during the 15th and 16th century and believes the text is, therefore, written in the Aztec language of Nahuatl.

The Voynich manuscript was discovered in an Italian monastery in 1912 by book dealer Wilfred Voynich.The writing is so bizarre, sceptics have stated the book is a hoax or that the writing is nonsense.

    Carbon dating suggests the manuscript was created between approximately 1404 and 1438, during the Italian Renaissance.

    For more, see the Daily Mail.


    1. For interested readers unfamiliar with the Aztec language of Nahuatl, you may visit the website of the Supreme Q (www.supremeq.com), AKA, "Order of Quetzalcoatl."

      Go to the "About Us" section and hit the link on "Terminology." There you will find a fascinating short introduction about the Nahuatl language and how it is used in one of our very unique Masonic related organizations for distinguished Shrine Nobles. :)

    2. My suggestion to decode the Voynich Manuscript is in the fact that each of its individual pages encodes some other information . Encryption is not just a written form . There's a whole spectrum of gnosis , which, because of the limited capabilities (eg letter runicze - oldest inscriptions are from the second and third century AD, before the Egyptian hieratic writing , etc.) were also encoded in a different form - for example, by means of signs and symbols : see semiotics - from the Greek : " semasticos " - significant , " semasia " - meaning "," semeion " - a sign of " sema " - a sign , the image signal . And in such a manner is encoded Voynich manuscript - it is not my task , classic cipher written , only symbolic rebus - ideogram . Below to better illustrate the time- historical continuum in brief , a summary of the earlier descriptions of each manuscript illustration . ( From 1R to 19R ) http://gloriaolivae.pl/

      1R - Big Bang and Kolaps - cyclical nature of the universe.

      1V - Approximately 4.5 - 5 billion years ago - the formation of the Earth's crust.

      2R - About 3.5 billion years ago - the first organisms .

      2V - About a billion years ago - the first single-celled organisms ( eukaryotes ) .

      3R - Approximately 900 - 700 million years ago - the first multi-cellular organisms .

      3V - approximately 700 - 600 million years ago - the first invertebrates .

      4R - 500 million years ago - the first vertebrates .

      4V - 400 million years ago - vertebrates came out of the water.

      5R - 220 million years ago - the beginning of the reign of the dinosaurs.

      5V - 65 million years ago - extinction of the dinosaurs , evolution of mammals .

      6R - About 65 - 30 million years ago - carnivores .

      6V - About 30 - 7 million years ago - the formation of plants and animals.

      7R - About 12 million years ago - the first hominids .

      7V - About 7 - 5 million years ago - the appearance of man .

      8R - About 100 thousand . years ago - the emergence of modern man .

      8V - Approximately 15-12 thousand . years ago - man hiking - "bridge" Bering .

      9R - Approximately 11.5 thousand . years ago - the end of the last ice age.

      9V - About 10 thousand . years ago - hunter -gatherers , the birth of agriculture.

      10R - Around 4000 , the BC - Development of urban community Mesopotamia.

      10V - Around 3000 , the BC - The beginnings of civilization of ancient Egypt.

      11R - The turn of the second and first millennium BC - Judaism , Jerusalem.

      11V - turn of the century - Christianity . Rome .

      12R - None. According to me - Ancient Greece .

      12 V - None. According to me - the Empire of Alexander the Great .

      13R - The Roman Empire .

      13V - Persian Empire .

      14R - Huns . Mongol Empire .

      14V - Byzantine Empire .

      15R - The State of the Franks.

      15V - The spread of Islam.

      16R - Vikings .

      16V - Slavs .

      17R - The Crusades .

      17V - The Hundred Years War .

      18R - Ottoman Empire .

      18V - War of the Roses .

      19R - The Order of the Teutonic Knights .


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