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Thursday, August 01, 2013

Judy Fletcher at MSA is Retiring

From Brother Michael Gillard:

Brothers, Companions & Sir Knights ~ for nearly as long as I have been a member of the Masonic fraternity the "go to" person at the Masonic Service Association of North America was Judy Fletcher. Her husband Richard was, for many years, the Executive Secretary for the MSA and wife Judy was the liason person with the V.A. Medical Center Representatives, Deputy Reps. and Coordinators. Actually, Judy seemed to be the "go to" person for nearly everything associated with the MSA. I recall some twenty years ago contacting her about brochures, videos and some other materials that I wanted to see about using at my home Lodge. Judy didn't tell me "that's not my department," or "you will have to talk to ----- about that" she just took down the information I was providing and saw to it that I got what was needed. Much later I found out that it really wasn't her job to take care of such requests ~ she just took care of any Mason that called seekingassistance whether it was "her job" or not.

Well, today's mail (August 1, 2013,) brought a letter from Judy announcing that after 24 years with the MSA it was time for her to retire. Her final date with our Masonic Service Association of North America will be on Friday, August 9th. Her letter expressed her "appreciation, respect and love," to each of the VAMC Reps., Deputy Reps., and State Coordinators - and thanked US for what we do for our Veterans. To say that Judy Fletcher will be missed is truly an understatement. For many of us she was the lifeblood of the MSA program... Yes ~ she most assuredly will be missed.

If you have ever had any 'doings' with the MSA, Please let Mrs. Judith Fletcher; 8708 First Avenue, Apt. 503; Silver Spring, MD 20910 know how much she has been appreciated and how much she will be missed. God bless you Judy - you certainly have been a blessing to many of us and to the Masonic Service Association of North America.

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  1. Judy is an amazing lady! She is constantly volunteering at the VA Hospital with the MSA. When our patriots see her they just smile from ear to ear!


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