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Friday, January 04, 2008

Rebel Gold

Authors Bob Brewer and Warren Getler must be almost as frustrated as the Masonic community that National Treasure: Book Of Secrets didn't use their source material to the fullest extent. Rebel Gold: One Man's Quest to Crack the Code Behind the Secret Treasure of the Confederacy is about Brewer's attempts to trace the lost gold of the Confederacy and the Knights of the Golden Circle to its modern hiding places. A bit daffy in some places, and containing leaps of logic every bit as silly as Ben Gates' instant deciphering of arcane puzzles ("Across the sea, these twins stand resolute...resolute...That's IT! The Resolute desks!"). Still, Rebel Gold was one of the books that inspired the movie, and Brewer and Getler acted as consultants on the film. So they at least got a brush with Hollywood and a couple of nice lunches out of the deal.

It's a fun read, if only for the tales of the KGC. (The Jesse James boys - who knew there were two? - actually stuck up stages to make money for the Confederacy! Bloody patriots.)

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