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Monday, May 21, 2007

Solomon's Builders and the Iowa Lodge of Research No. 2

I have set for myself a hideous schedule. I drove to Iowa yesterday, spoke this morning, drove back this afternoon, and i leave for Scotland tomorrow. Hoot mon!

Many thanks to W:.B:. Phil Enabit and the brethren of the Iowa Lodge of Research No. 2 in Des Moines for inviting me out to speak to their annual meeting about Freemasonry and the founding fathers. I was especially honored to be told that Solomon's Builders will be the book sent to their members this year. I had a terrific time meeting the brethren of this highly respected research lodge.

Brother John Ratcliff had some very kind remarks about the book on his blog. And the indefatigable Ed King has an equally flattering review on his incredible MasonicInfo.com website. I am flattered and humbled by such praise from brethren whose opinions I have long admired.

I wish I could linger a while in this glow of friendship and huzzahs, but I leave for Scotland in the morning and should be packing.

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