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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

"Laudable Pursuit" in the Philalethes Magazine

My October edition of the Philalethes Magazine arrived yesterday, and I was pleasantly surprised to discover Part One of a two part reprint of "Laudable Pursuit." As the editor and one of the original Knights of the North who helped pen this paper, I was flattered and even a little astonished when both Nelson King of the Philalethes Society, as well as S. Brent Morris of the Scottish Rite Research Society BOTH wanted to print this paper. (Had to give it to Nelson - he asked first.)

What has been gratifying has been the incredible response this paper has seemed to stir all across the country, as a point of discussion for lodges and Masonic education groups. For those who have asked, the Knights of the North website is being redesigned, and we are pursuing other projects as well. In the meantime, you will find many of the Knights writing for Wbro. Stephen Dafoe's outstanding Masonic Magazine.

On a related topic, bravo to MWbro. Roger S. VanGorden, Past Grand master of Indiana, as the new author of the "Through Masonic Windows" back page column of the Philalethes magazine. We Indiana Masons seem to be everywhere these days...

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