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Saturday, July 22, 2006


The ideas from Laudable Pursuit keep bearing fruit. All over the country, we get messages about young Masons using it as a guide for making changes, getting back to basics, and reinvigorating their lodges.

The following note was posted on the Knights of the North forum the other day.

I don't think you fully realize how ripe my jurisiction is for change! We had a degree night last night with representives of 5 Lodges. Almost all Past Masters and Officers of Lodges. LP was discussed and every person there is backing it! And taking it to thier Lodges.

One Brother, a KYCH, when he heard what we were doing, left and came back with his suit coat on to show his support. Even though the temp in the Lodge room was about 98. Brothers are showing up wearing only black suit, white shirt and black tie already.

Every day more Brothers say, "It's about time."

I fully understand the pitfalls and your wise counsel is greatly appreciated. But I believe we are at a watershed. The moment must be siezed with the dedication and intensity that has proven contagious. Here is the text of our new committee:

Consilium Reconciliatio

Resolution for the Brothers of the Milton Masonic Lodge No. 161, Free and Accepted Masons of Wisconsin, to establish a Committee for Lodge Restoration and Reform for the purpose of making a studied approach to improving the health of our beloved Craft.

Whereas: Brothers are being rushed through their advancement to the sublime degree as Master Mason without proper instruction and regard to the fraternity, to our detriment, the investigation period for a petitioner should be a minimum of 6 months. Also to facilitate the proper education of a Brother the time spent as an Entered Apprentice should be a minimum of one year. Likewise as a Fellowcraft.

Whereas: Entered Apprentices and Fellowcrafts are allowed into Lodge meetings everywhere except in the United States after the 1840’s and to provide for making Masons, not just members, the stated communication should be open on the Entered Apprentice Degree for the purpose of Masonic education and fellowship. A business meeting being held separate on the Master Mason Degree in accordance with the Wisconsin Masonic Code.

Whereas: The standards of the fraternity are integral to our survival, arrangements should be made to teach and enforce requirements for proficiency, dress code and attendance.

Whereas: The fees and dues for Lodges have not increased proportionately over the last two centuries, which only hurts the Lodge, petition fees and yearly dues should be increased to a reasonable enough level to ensure the financial stability of the Lodge and impress upon new members the value of association.

Whereas: The worldwide Masonic community is bringing increased pressure on American Grand Lodges for the use of one day classes for all three degrees the practice should not be engaged in by the members of our Lodge preferring instead to hold to our initiatic traditions and make Masons not just members.

Whereas: The leadership of the Lodge is paramount to it’s survival and prosperity, a proper education program should be enacted with the mentor program for Apprentices and Fellows as well as a more detailed program for officers and Wardens concerning history and ritual, completion of which would be required to ascend to the East.

Therefore: The Lodge should weigh these considerations with care and due diligence appointing learned Brothers to a committee tasked with educating themselves concerning the decline of our Craft and the solutions required to restore it to the dignity that it deserves.

Worshipful Brother Winter Jefferson Guite
Past Master
Thirty Second Degree
Milton Masonic Lodge No. One Hundred and Sixty One
Seventeenth of July
Common Era Two Thousand and Six
Anno Lucius Six Thousand and Six

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