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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

D.C. Area Lodges Mark 225th Anniversary of Capitol Cornerstone

This evening, members of Congress and representatives from the U.S. Capitol Historical Society, George Washington’s Mount Vernon, the Grand Lodge of Washington, D.C., and Masons from the District of Columbia, Virginia, and Maryland marked the 225th anniversary of the laying of the U.S. Capitol cornerstone.

The original Capitol cornerstone ceremony, led by George Washington, took place in 1793.

This event was coordinated by a bi-partisan committee of congressmen, in addition to a Masonic committee composed of the Grand Lodge of D.C. and the three lodges that were present during the original ceremony (Federal Lodge No. 1 and Potomac Lodge No. 5 of DC; Alexandria-Washington, No. 22 of VA).

C-SPAN aired the ceremony live this evening, and it can be viewed online at the link below:


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