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Saturday, February 04, 2017

'America: Facts vs. Fiction - Secret Societies' Tonight 2/4

At 10:00PM tonight (Saturday, February 4th), the American Heroes Channel (AHC) will premiere a new episode of America: Facts vs. Fiction about U.S. 'secret societies,' kicking off their 4th season. 

Yes, the Freemasons are included in the one hour show. Yes, both Alice and I are supposedly interviewed in it. No, we haven't seen it yet ourselves and we make absolutely zero guarantees as to its veracity or quality. Nor do we know if the producers felt compelled to include some "opposing viewpoint" spokesman or crackpot to edit us up against. 

However, I will say they told us when we shot with them last year that they were not, and that's not their style anyway. Frankly, the only reason we agreed to this one was because past episodes of this show have been entertaining, factual, and generally free of what another producer of one of these types of things several years ago called the "woo-woo factor." America: Facts vs. Fiction has usually done a good job of truthfully documenting the subject at hand in seasons past, with a concentration on specifically debunking conspiracy theories (not supporting them). So, we did it.

Watch if you are so inclined tonight. You won't hurt our feelings if you don't.

Here's the official descriptive blurb:
Much of what we know about America's secret societies is myth, not truth. The Freemasons have no evil agenda, the Mafia took root not in New York, but the South, and Yale's Skull and Bones does not control a sinister shadow government.
For Indiana Masons, be sure to watch the scenery during the episode: they shot sequences at both the Indianapolis Masonic Temple and the Indianapolis Scottish Rite Cathedral (with a concentration on our magnificent stained glass windows, as well as the exterior details).

UPDATE 2/7/2017: In case your cable/satellite/other provider doesn't offer AHC, the episode is now available online HERE. Don't know for how long.


  1. so the history books are wrong what make fact vs fiction is right what books do thy read and what make their books right

  2. so the history books are wrong what make facts vs fiction books right and what books do thy read

  3. So what's the verdict on the show? Did you think it was fair and accurate?


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