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Thursday, October 06, 2016

Scottish Rite Day in the US: November 12th, 2016

On November 12th, Scottish Rite Valleys, Orients and Councils of Deliberations from both the Northern Masonic and Southern Jurisdictions in the United States will come together to officially celebrate Scottish Rite Day. It is the first time the fraternity has held such a nationwide day of honor.

Some groups are planning a statewide 32° conferral. Others are planning a banquet with their ladies or open houses. 

In the NMJ, 33° members are being asked to wear white tie and tails to the conferrals and/or the banquets, and all others either a tuxedo or dark suit. 

A special commemorative jewel is now available to all Scottish Rite Masons. At least in the NMJ, each candidate receiving his 32° during 2016 will be presented the jewel as a gift; other members may purchase their own for $25. It is available HERE.
(If anyone in the SJ wants to pass along their information, I will update this post. I can't find it online.)

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