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Thursday, September 01, 2016

The Caboose Lodge?

I was reading the Reddit Freemasonry comments this morning and came across an entry that may be the most unusual lodge location I've heard of in a while. Hermann Lodge No. 123 in Hermann, Missouri apparently meets in a retired Missouri Pacific Railroad caboose at the corner of 1st and Gutenburg Streets. 

Just an observation, but the Tyler must get mighty chilly on a wintery evening.

According to the sign on the door anyway, they meet on the 4th Thursday at 7:30PM.

I can find almost no online references to it, no website, no Facebook page. Does anyone have any photos of the interior or information about this lodge?

H/T: Kcatc


  1. This is not the lodge .. a quick peek at The Grand Lodge of MO - shows

    Lodge Address
    910 Washington St.
    Hermann, MO 65041


    A google map shows a 2 story red brick building ... sorry to disappoint you ....

    Keith - Alpha 659 NKC MO

  2. The Grand Lodge of Missouri has the contact information for Hermann Lodge No. 123 at https://my.momason.org/public_lodges/lodge/10123. Clicking the Lodge address on that page brings you to that address on Google Maps and a photo of the Hermann Lodge brick building.

    Nathan Rolofson
    Papillion Lodge No. 39, A.F. & A.M.
    Papillion, Nebraska

  3. Yet, according to a post I found by someone on a non-Masonic site who seemed to be a Mason, there is reportedly a sign on the door that at least implies that meetings are held in the caboose.

    BTW, the Google link from the GL website denotes the lodge building as a synagogue. Meh.

    1. Well, what I would call a synagogue is correctly called a temple, such as Temple Beth Israel, so maybe Google's translator is a little hyperactive and operating in reverse.

  4. Google earth shows the caboose (On first st, next to the train yard) did not have masonic signage in May 2008, so the lodge probably still has the lodge building, and bought the caboose to preserve it.

    The visit Hermann Oktoberfest web page shows that the "Masonic Caboose" is used as a location for selling Brats, so it could possibly be a fundraiser spot.

  5. Hi Brethren, this is really neat,lodge or "club". I am a railroad man and love any conection between the rails and masonry!

  6. That area is owned by Jim Dierberg. He is a rich man owns First Bank. As well as Dierberg stores in St. Louis and vinyards in California. He owns most of HWy 100 where this caboose is located next to his resturant and Inn and across from his winery and brewery.


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