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Friday, September 16, 2016

'Masonic' Pot?

Folks find "Masonic" symbolism in the damndest places sometimes. 

Brother Glen Stine sent the following message yesterday:
Interesting choice for a logo by an Illinois cannabis grower.
Ataraxia in Albion, Il. sells pot under the name 'Gold Leaf.'
Shown in the pic is their G6 strain. Seems sativas get an up arrow, indica a down arrow, and hybrids get both in the form of a square/compass.

1 comment:

  1. I was at a local wine store tonight, and there are a few bottles with designs on the label that resemble the Square and Compass. Same with some cigars at my local tobacco shop on their boxes and bands.

    I always do a half second mental double take when I see those bottles and cigars. It just means our minds are sharp and alert I guess.

    - Brian M. Tatro
    Junior Warden
    Natoma Lodge #64
    Folsom, CA
    F. & A. M. of CA


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