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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Brother Stars in 'Sacred Steel Bikes' on Discovery

Brother Bill Beverly posted this image of the cast of Sacred Steel Bikes, a motorcycle-building program on the Discovery Channel. The gentleman on the left in the Templar Commandery-inspired apron is Jason Wilson. He also sports a prominent Masonic tattoo.

He is a Freemason in the Los Angeles area. On his Facebook page is a photo of him in his officer's collar.

From the Discovery.com website for the show:

Ten years ago, Jason started 'Douche LaRouche' to create an atmosphere to camaraderie for his fellow bike enthusiasts and best pals. In the past, Jason has used his skills as a premium craftsman to make parts behind the scenes for some of the biggest names in the motorcycle game. Jason is ready to take center state and leave his 9-5 behind once and for all.
But Jason has had theses dreams before - and failed. Consistently, he struggles to find the delicate balance of having fun with the LaRouche Crew and putting in the work to make a business grow. With a new shop and clubhouse and another shot at his dreams, Jason has rejuvenated his passion (and that of his fellow club members) to throw everything they've got into make Sacred Steel a sustainable future for them all. And to make 'Douche LaRouche' a club they can be proud of.


  1. Just watched a tv programme featuring him and spotted a masonic tattoo on him, somgoogled him and ended up here.

  2. Good to see a prode brother .

    Bro NATHAN BROOKSHAW from Plymouth uk


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