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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Amsterdam, NY Lodge Damaged By Car

Back in July, a Masonic lodge in South Carolina had an unwelcome visitor who installed a drive-thru entrance in their wall the hard way by crashing his car into their building following a high speed police chase.

Saturday afternoon, the brethren of the Amsterdam Masonic Center in Amsterdam, New York had a similar experience. albeit without the police chase.

From an article on the TimesUnion.com website:
An elderly woman lost control of her vehicle going down a hill the city on Saturday afternoon and it crashed into the Masonic Temple near Market and Division streets, police said. She was not seriously injured, officers said. 
The vehicle left a "huge hole" in the building, according to Sgt. Carl Rust. He said that the woman said she had lost control of her brakes. Pieces of the vehicle, including the bumper, were strewn along the path it took before hitting the building and the collision left it totaled.
Amsterdam Lodge No. 84 today is the result of consolidation of the former Artisian Lodge No. 84  and Welcome Lodge No. 829. The history of both earlier lodges can be found on Amsterdam No. 84's home page.

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