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Friday, August 26, 2016

Issue #33 of the Journal of the Masonic Society

The new issue of the Journal of the Masonic Society heads to the printer this week and will soon be plopping into mailboxes of members. This is the first issue put together by new editor Michael Poll. Given his background and personal interests, and the coincidence that this will be issue No. 33, the cover of the magazine has a whole new look that appropriately announces this new era under Mike's hand. 

John Bridegroom has completely redesigned the cover format, at last breathing new life into my original template, which was born out of both panic and a steep software learning curve eight years ago when we started. John proves once again that he is the best graphic artist in the business, and we are damned lucky to have him as part of the creative team at the Society.

Travis Simpkins  has provided the illustration of Albert Pike with his usual outstanding, signature flair for detail that has rapidly become very well known throughout the Masonic community. (Note the number of Masons all over the country who use his illustrations of themselves as their personal avatars on Facebook.)

If you have a possible article that you think deserves wider circulation - that isn't book-length - please forward it to the Submissions Coordinator, Jay Hochberg, at articles@themasonicsociety.com.  Also, if you are an artist or photographer with Masonic subjects in your collection that you think would be of interest, please send them to Jay as well.

To contact Michael Poll directly, send to editor@themasonicsociety.com

The submission guidelines may be found HERE, including notes developed out of the Quarry Project on proper formatting and referencing of Masonic topics.

And if you're not a member or subscriber, please visit the TMS website here for more information. 

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