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Friday, August 05, 2016

Detroit Masonic Temple Hosts 16th Theatre Bizarre

For the last 5 years, the incredible Detroit Masonic Temple has been the home of a massive art installation, performance, attraction and costume party called Theatre Bizarre.  It takes over eight floors of lodge rooms, the Commandery asylum, and ballroom and welcomes thousands of people. It takes weeks to install the different displays and decor, and lodges change their rooms and meeting schedules to accommodate the show.

The crew started installing their sets and decor this week and it will take place in October. 

Last year's show was reported in the Detroit Free Press

Theatre Bizarre’s mission is to create the “greatest masquerade on earth,” and this weekend, it sure looked like it.
Held at Detroit’s Masonic Temple, the sold-out event — in its 16th year running — kicked off Friday night with a 450-guest Grand Preview Gala and continued into Saturday with a bigger costume party for a crowd of 4,500. It encompassed eight floors, each very different from the last, starting with the Crystal Ballroom on the first and ending with a photo booth on the eighth.
With 26 performance spaces and dozens of extravagant exhibitions, the event was a visual masterpiece — as were many costumes, which some guests spent months brainstorming and putting together.

For more of the article and photos, CLICK HERE. 

And if you're in the Detroit area and want information about the event, check out the Theatre Bizarre website.

H/T Russ Spice

(Just as an aside, if you've never visited or seen the Detroit Masonic Center, it is the largest Masonic building in the world. Interestingly, one of the biggest online collections of current photos of the building is available on a total nutcases' website, HERE. Lots of pictures, just completely ignore the idiot's comments.)

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  1. How could anyone be a nut case to think there is something much more sinister going on in Freemasonry that. we are being led to believe? you sound like the idiot to me.


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