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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Everybody Wants Young Members

I was reading through one of those big, long, windy Masonic conversations filled with hand-wringing and endless "our numbers of new, young members are plummeting so we're all doomed" comments, earlier. It's kind of interesting to note I've heard the same damned discussion going on for almost 18 years as a Mason. 

Well, it seems we Freemasons aren't the only group looking for ways to bring in new, younger members these days.

From 'Old nudists struggling to recruit nakedness-averse millennials':
"The naturist movement has been dealing with declining membership for some time. In 2007, the American Association for Nude Recreation estimated that 90-percent of its 50,000 members were over the age of 35. Many nudist colonies have tried marketing specifically to 18-35 year olds, but their numbers are still faltering.
An article in Tan, an Australian naturist magazine, speculates that Gen X and Yers don't like "formal, group activities"...
But most importantly, a lack of young people has caused a real manpower crisis in nudist colonies.
"It would be nice to have younger members because we're getting too old to do the physical work," Kent said. "Somebody's gotta do it." 
I found myself wondering if they also fret over which way they wear their rings. If they wear rings.

"Brethren be clothed. Officers take your stations." 


  1. Everyone wants new members but once they get one, they refuse to listen to the youth's inpu . Want more young Men to join; then listen to us when we do.

  2. At least they won't be warned to wear clean underwear!

  3. I have to question the assertion that the number of young men in our fraternity is plummeting. My experience here in New York is that the number of younger men is on the rise.

  4. Well I think an anti-gay witch hunt is in order. That'll attract the young'uns!


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