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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Break.com and Freemasonry. Yes, No Kidding

The quirky and slightly off-kilter website Break.com is not generally known for its informative, rational side. The front page frequently lists topics like "2 Girls In A Trunk Wrestle In Their Underwear," viral videos, pranks and fails, and a section dedicated to the just plain weird. In short, it's a classic internet site for the bored, loaded with click-bait and time wasting silliness.

So who woulda thought that Break.com would create an excellent, concise, rational, fact-filled and almost error free page called "20 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Freemasonry"

If you've got a son or a nephew or a neighbor with a short attention span (who's just not going to read a For Dummies book) who you think might have an interest in the fraternity, steer them to this article. Would that the average grand lodge website was written this well.

Props to Urbanski.


  1. Thanks Chris, really enjoyed reading Urbanski's article. It is a good introductory summary of Freemasonry, warts and all. I hope U.S. Grand Lodges can be as open and HONEST on their websites.

  2. Thank you again Hodapp for providing great material.


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