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Friday, July 01, 2016

Article: Belgian Museum of Freemasonry

Today's online edition of the Brussels Times Magazine has an excellent and lengthy article about Freemasonry in Belgium, including an interview with Joseph Asselbergh, who is the president of the Belgian Museum of Freemasonry (Musée Belge de la Franc-Maçonnerie). He is a Past Grand Master of the Grand Orient de Belgique. 

See Freemasonry in Belgium: Discrete and Mysterious But Open To All?

If for no other reason, it should be read to see how reporters should be given well thought out and factual answers by Masonic leaders when interviewed. It should also be noted by reporters themselves to see an outstanding example of researching articles on our fraternity while avoiding worn out tropes and hackneyed clichés.

The article is largely about the Museum, and the English version of its website is HERE. It contains links to the five principal grand lodges and grand orients currently at work in Belgium, which includes the Grande Loge Reguliere de Belgique, the body that is overwhelmingly recognized by U.S. grand lodges, as well as the UGLE.

One interesting item: there are 25,000 Masons in Belgium, and their membership is increasing. One third of them are women.

The Museum is located at Lakensestraat 73, 1000 Brussels.

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