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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Neighbors Startled By Lodge Decor

Apparently, some of the neighbors of Australia's  Collaroy Masonic Temple in Collaroy, New South Wales, don't care for the lodge's new paint job. 

Last week, it went from this:

To this:

Collarory resident Glenda Cathersides labelled it an “eyesore”.

According to the local news, "The NSW and ACT Freemasons were called but declined to comment, and calls made to the hall were not returned."

I'm sure the hearts of the Brethren were in the right place. And it's the internal, not the external qualifications that Masonry regards. And I'm all for better visibility of Masonic buildings. But a good rule of thumb is to ask your wife - or somebody else's wife - before you commit to a color scheme that can be spotted from low Earth orbit.


  1. Chris, I think somebody published a Past Bastard article on your Dummies blog.

    Either that, or they got a great deal on some overstocked paint.

  2. We left "eyesore" behind _miles_ ago. We are now deep into "tear my eyes out, I beg of you" territory.


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