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Tuesday, May 05, 2015

SRICF (Rosicrucians) Annual Meeting in Louisville, Nov. 6-7, 2015 Reservations

Registration for the Societas Rosicruciana in Civitatibus Foedereratis (SRICF) 2015 meeting in Louisville November 6-7 is now open. Go here for a link to the form and the ability to pay via Paypal and credit cards.

The Royal Society of Knights Occidental will hold their Annual Convivial on Friday evening, November 6, and the High Council of the Rosicrucians will have activities all day on November 7, 2015, with the Annual Banquet with a guest speaker that evening.

For hotel reservations at the famous Brown Hotel, go to their website at www.brownhotel.com. Those who miss the elegance of the Hotel Washington in DC will love this hotel. Room rates are $129 with free shuttle service to and from the airport and a special parking rate if you are driving. Make your reservations with the hotel directly by following the link or call 888-888-5252 and tell them you are with the SRICF to receive the special rate.

SCRICF events will begin Friday at 1:00PM, and guest speakers will include RW Fratre Robert Gilbert, IX Degree from the SRIA, who is a renowned speaker on Rosicrucianism, and a video presentation by Christopher MacIntosh, author of several Rosicrucian publications. Grades of the First Order will be presented by the Kentucky College, and RW Fratre Steve Burkle will be hosting an Alchemical Laboratory. The XIII and IX Degrees will be conferred on Friday evening.

There will also be an extensive Ladies Program and dinner.

For more information, contact Franklin C. Boner, Secretary General, SB 46 N 4th Street, Newark, Ohio, Phone 740-345-0828, Email scricfofusa@windstream.net.

Meal/Event Reservation Form Click Here.

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