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Sunday, March 08, 2015

London Masons Donate £2 million ($3 million) For Helicopter

London Freemasons have donated more than $3 million for a air ambulance helicopter for the city.

From the Harrow Times today:

London Air Ambulance said they have been “blown away” by a £2 million donation from the London Freemasons.The money will now provide a second emergency helicopter as a result form the ‘Your London, Your Helicopter’ campaign.Graham Hodgkin, CEO of London’s Air Ambulance, said “We are blown away by the generosity of London Freemasons which brings us significantly closer to our aim of having a second emergency medical helicopter up and running by this summer.“For many years, London Freemasons have been regular supporters of our work and we thank all those Freemasons across the Metropolitan area who will be working tirelessly to raise the two million pounds.”Metropolitan Grand Master Russell Race added: “Freemasons both in London and all over the country have been donating to Air Ambulances for many years. We at the Metropolitan Grand Lodge of London are delighted, however, to have an opportunity to specifically assist in the provision of this vital second helicopter for London”.

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  1. Hi, really a nice initiative by the London government. Even in India the service called the air ambulance india is getting popular at high rate.


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