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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Quattro Coronati Cigars

Worshipful Brother Timothy Hogan is well known as an author and traveling lecturer. As of last weekend, he has stepped into the shoes of a tobacconist, with a complete line of fraternal-themed Dominican cigars. Introduced at the Colorado Masonic Symposium, Quattro Coronati Cigars are handmade cigars, "made by brethren for brethren."

The Magus is a double corona at 7 x 50. Ten to a box that retails for $144.

The Sanctum is a figurado measuring 5 7/8 x 56. Also ten to a box that retails for $144.

The Agape is a robusto shape. Ten to a box that retails for $144.

The Ruffian, a toro shape, also sells for $144 for a box of ten.

The Gran Solomon is a mighty 7.8 inch cigar with a 63 ring that comes in a box of five cigars, each in its own coffin, for $165. I am told it takes two hours to smoke completely.

The Anthology is a sampler containing two cigars of each shape. Also 10 to a box for $144.

Each box is beautifully decorated and each is a work of art. Shipping is free in the United States, and credit cards are accepted.

Tim's partners in this endeavor are Brothers Eduardo R. Adam and Oliver M. S. Guillet. The tobacco is raised in the Dominican Republic and hand-crafted by the Aging Room, ranked Number 2 in the world by Cigar Aficionado Magazine.

Order online here: http://www.4coronati.com


  1. Another way for Tim Hogan to flip a profit off brothers. I find it disgusting and very low. This man just keep coming out with scheme after scheme to make money by selling garbage to Freemasons, who buy it up without question. A fool and his money...

    Are these cigars rolled with child labor? I know that's common in the Dominican Republic.

    -Jason Williams 32
    Sacramento Masonic Lodge #40
    Sacramento CA

  2. Jason Williams,
    You call yourself a brother? Are you not held to an obligation to support or at the very least not slander your fellow brethren?

    I am not sure where you get your ideas about my husband from and hope that you get your facts straight in the future before commenting again.

    Your comments are without merit and spiteful.

    Mrs. Timothy Hogan

  3. Rosa,
    When I wrote Freemasons For Dummies, I was accused of attempting to profit off of my brethren. I was told I was in the fraternity for too short a time to be writing about it. I was accused of besmirching the fraternity for attaching the word "Dummies" to it. I was accused of pocketing thousands of dollars and keeping it all for myself (anyone who has written a book knows how funny that accusation is). I was raked over the coals by French people for insulting them (funny, since the French translation has been very successful), along with Catholics and Protestants. I was accused of attempting to make money by selling the secrets of Freemasonry. A prophet is without honor in his own land sometimes. Don't let it worry you.

    I was having this discussion with a brother who is an artist who makes Masonic jewelry, medals and other bling. His daughter is going through a life threatening illness right now. And still he gets snide comments that he is simply trying to profit from Freemasonry. It is the dilemma of anyone who makes Masonic products or sells books. Those of us who do labored very hard on our work and deserve to be rewarded for our efforts. Does Brother Williams work for free in his daily life? I seriously doubt it.

    Tim has created a fine product that has sparked the interest of his brethren. He works very hard and dedicates himself to the Craft. He deserves any success that comes his way. And he doesn't deserve snide accusations.

    Chris Hodapp

  4. Thank you for your kind words, Chris.

    Rosa Hogan


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