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Saturday, February 08, 2014

UCLA International Conference on Freemasonry March 22

The Institute of Masonic Studies and the History Department at the University of California, Los Angeles will host the Third International Conference on Freemasonry on March 22, bringing together a panel of prominent Masonic scholars covering unique perspectives on Freemasonry, Aesthetics, and Civil Society.
Open to the public, this event seeks to educate and inspire scholars of the craft with discussions exploring the history of how Masonic aesthetics have impacted architecture, politics, and international societies.
This year's presentations include:
  • Humanity’s Nation: Freemasonry and German Civil Society before 1914/ Stefan-Ludwig Hoffman, Ph.D. / Associate Professor, University of California, Berkeley
  • Thanks to Mozart: Cultivation and Aesthetics among Women Freemasons in Italy / Lilith Mahmud, Ph.D. / Assistant Professor, Women’s Studies and Anthropology, University of California, Irvine
  • Solomon’s Temple in America: Masonic Architecture, Popular Culture, and Biblical Imagery, 1865-1930 / William Moore, Ph.D. / Associate Professor, American Material Culture, Boston University
  • Native American Indian Freemasonry: From Joseph Brant to the 21st Century / Joy Porter, Ph.D. / Professor, Indigenous History, The University of Hull (England)
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