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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Michael Baigent Passes Away

According to Martin Faulks in Britain, Brother Michael Baigent, best-selling author of Holy Blood, Holy Grail, and former Freemasonry Today editor, passed away last night. He had received a liver transplant in April 2008. RIP.

Brother Baigent's books literally changed the way the world thought, and was arguably responsible for Dan Brown's success with the Da Vinci Code. His thought provoking works will be missed.


  1. My sincere condolences go to Bro. Baigent's family. Bro. Michael Baigent was a true Masonic visionary and intellectual. As editor of Freemasonry Today, he treated his readers like family.

    I recently finished reading "The Influence of Neoplatonic Thought on Freemasonry: And Other Essays," by Dr. Fabio Venzi, for which Bro. Baigent provides an excellently written forward.

  2. I am deeply sorry. I met him, years ago, at Canonbury Masonic Conferences, in London.
    I reprinted few of his articles in Masonic Forum Magazine. A true intellectual and a true freemason.
    My condolences to his family.
    Rest in peace, Michael!

    Claudiu Ionescu

  3. I still can't get over that Dan Brown's historian character in "The DaVinci Code" was named "Teabing", which is an anagram of "Baigent."


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