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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

"The Life Masonic" Podcast

Check out Jason Van Dyke's regular podcast, "The Life Masonic" on the Scottish Rite website. Click here. There are interviews and philosophical discussions, along with practical advice. Twelve episodes so far.

From this month's episode description:

our guest this month is Scott Gillis. He's just a guy. He's like any other guy you'll meet in your Lodge, or your church, or your pub. But Scott has a way of telling a story. And the story is of his life so far. He never seems to find the easy way, but he's turned out pretty well. He has always found a way to triumph over the adversity in his life. And that story, to me, has a kind of casual inspiration. It's not super hero stuff, but its stuff I know I could learn from and do better with in my own life. I hope you think so too.

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  1. Bro. Chris, these podcasts really are excellent. I downloaded episodes 1-12 a couple months ago, and listened to them on my commute to back and forth to work. I liked them so much in fact that when my wife and I went on a driving vacation, we listened to all of them. She REALLY enjoyed them!

    These illustrate that Masonic education CAN be fun, interesting, and motivating! In fact, the very first episode by Bro. S. Brent Morris on Masonic research prompted me to write and present a paper at our AMD Council. I only hope more Masons take the time to listen to these. There is MUCH to be learned, and much to be enjoyed!

    And you DON'T need to be a Scottish Rite Mason to appreciate these. Most of the topics are general Masonic topics.

    Jim Barr, PM
    Divver #349, Anderson, SC


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