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Saturday, December 08, 2012

PGM Stifani Suspended

According to the Romanian Masonic Press Agency, Jean-Pierre Servel, the new Grand Master of Grande Loge Nationale Française decided on December 4, 2012, to suspend Past Grand Master François Stifani.

Stifani was suspended for unethical Masonic conduct, violation of fundamental rules, attempt against the Fundamental Principles of the Craft and attempting against the image and proper functioning of the French National Grand Lodge.
According to this decree, Stifani is forbidden to attend GLNF's Lodge meetings, the Annual Communication and Board of General Purposes. After years of internal struggle, Stifani is temporarily removed from GLNF, which may indicate that Servel wants to show to the United Grand Lodge of England that GLNF can have once again credibility.


  1. Hm. I suspect it'll be a while before GLNF is recognised again by UGLE. They'll have to demonstrate that Stefani is well and truly gone (get the Coroner from the Wizard of Oz...) and there is no chance of his return. UGLE may also request an untangling of the assets of GLNF so that its finances are on the straight and narrow.

    Of course, all the old PMs who overwinter in the South of France will be hoping for recognition in time for winter.

    W.Bro. Chris Hansen, IPM
    Goliath Lodge #5595 UGLE (but speaking only for himself)

  2. if the man does not have a seat anymore, why still bother to further suspend him?

    of course, no one is saying his leadership or administration was admirable, but what does it further prove to the masonic world by suspending a PAST grand master?

  3. If a man is suspected of unmasonic conduct, especially with regard to the financial affairs of Masonry, it's probably a good idea to ensure that he is not eligible to act Masonically while an investigation and a Masonic trial ensue. If he is found not guilty, then the suspension is lifted. On the other hand, if he is found guilty, he can be expelled.

    W.Bro. Chris Hansen, IPM
    Goliath Lodge #5595 UGLE (speaking only for himself)

  4. Can we discuss a documantary on Targeted Individuals and the Freemason connection with testimonials from the Targeted individuals specifically how they are secretly harassing also to show specifically how ? To inform the public of what such good deeds the Freemasons do for society?


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