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Saturday, June 09, 2012

Fire Guts Grand Lodge of Mexico Building

A fire has gutted the Grand Lodge of Mexico's building in Mexico City. From the WRadio.com website (loosely translated from Spanish via Google):

Mexico-Experts in the Capital are working to determine the causes of the fire in the Grand Lodge of Mexico located on Sadi Carnot Street in the San Rafael district.

The fire gutted the second level, and according to the first reports of the fire fighters may have been due to a short circuit, however experts will identify and confirm the real causes of the accident.

Fire fighters worked for 40 minutes, and two of them were treated for smoke inhalation.

The street was cordoned off by the Civil Protection, until removal of debris from the place where the fire occurred was completed.

A second story on Impacto reports:

A fire damaged the headquarters of the Masonic Grand Lodge of the Valley of Mexico located in the San Rafael, in this capital city, and learned that the fire was set, according to the report of the experts.

The incident occurred at dawn on the premises of the Lodge located at number 75 on the street near the corner of Sadi Carnot Antonio Caso.

The fire wiped out many books and paintings from the seventeenth century, and objects of historical value, say members of the Lodge.

At the time of writing this report no information of victims.

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