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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Scottish Rite telethon - LIVE Tonight!

Direct your browser tonight, Saturday May 19th, to www.scottishrite.org for the first ever live Masonic telethon! The the Supreme Council of the Southern Jurisdiction is raising money to restore and endow Washington DC's magnificent House of the Temple, and they are holding the first of its kind live internet telethon live tonight. Emcee will be Illustrious Norm Crosby, 33°, and will feature celebrities like Dan Brown, and Masonic historians like S. Brent Morris and Art de Hoyos, paying tribute to Freemasonry with entertainment and education. Watch live from from 6PM until midnight, and be sure to donate to keep the House of the Temple as one of the greatest Masonic landmark facilities in the world.


UPDATE: According to Brother Ron Blaisdell, the live telethon raised $400,000. The program is still available on the AASR website.

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  1. This event was very enlightening and enlivening! I couldn't watch it all, but they have the program online. Hopefully, it will stay up for a while.


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