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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Shriner Killed in Parade Accident

Brother Marvin Tarbox from Hancock, Maine was killed in a tragic accident during a parade on Saturday. The Shriner died after a go-kart he was driving fell off of an unloading ramp.

From the Bangor Daily News on Sunday:

Marvin Tarbox Jr., 59, was one of several members of the Bangor-based Anah Temple Shriners who were driving go-carts in the Damariscotta Pumpkin Fest Parade in Newcastle on Saturday when he was fatally injured after his go-cart toppled to the ground.

According to the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office, a ramp that carried the go-carts over a sport utility vehicle apparently failed while Tarbox was driving over.

Tarbox’s go-cart then flipped over and toppled onto onto the pavement, where he was struck by at least two other go-cart drivers who didn’t realize what had happened, police said. Several hundred people were attending the parade when the crash occurred.

Tarbox, who was not wearing a helmet, was taken to Miles Memorial Hospital, where he died.

Joe Kitchen, president of the Hancock County Shrine Club and a co-worker of Tarbox’s, estimated that he had known the Hancock man for about 30 years.

“Marvin was a real nice man, a very well-liked Shriner,” Kitchen said. “We are all kind of devastated over it.”

RIP, Brother.


  1. WOW. As President of a Kart club, this makes me sad. Godspeed Noble. :(

  2. That's awful news. My condolensces go out to his family and friends.

    Mike Kelly

  3. This accident, particularly in the midst of a festive event, is tragic indeed. It was, though, doing something this Noble/Brother loved. The smiles on the faces of the Go-Kart members as they came down that ramp each and every one of the thousands of times before spoke - and will continue to speak - volumes as they support Freemasonry and the Shrine philanthropies.

  4. Very unfortunate.
    My condolences to his family, brothers and friends.


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